School, Group & Race Events


Mansfield & Mt Buller are the ideal destinations for your school or group.

Mansfield & Mt Buller are the ideal destinations for your school or group and the team at Buller Holidays can help make arranging your visit stress-free. The experienced team are here to help you organise everything you need including:
  • Lift access
  • Lessons (beginner to advanced)
  • Rental equipment including clothing
  • Meals
  • Transportation
  • Various accommodation options
Our team are also able to arrange the following for your group or school:
  • Race Events
  • Time Trials
  • Race Training for:
    • Skiing
    • Snowboarding
    • Cross Country

Please submit your submitschools/group booking forms using the “Apply” links further down this page.

Given requested lesson times are available, we will send a booking confirmation email. If your first preferences aren’t available, one of our agents will contact you to discuss next available times.

To view the South Australian Snowsports (SASS) Planner and pricing please contact Buller Holidays: or 1800 810 200

School Snow Trip Resources

We’ve put together these guides and templates to make organising your group a breeze.

2020 Schools Planner
2020 School Trip Booking Form
2020 School Snow Trip Application
School Bus Entry Form

Group Booking Resources

2020 Groups Planner
2020 Groups Booking Form
2020 Groups Application

Race and Events Booking Resources

2020 Race and Events Planner
2020 Race and Events Booking Form
2020 Race and Events Application